Our Digital Signage Software is easy to use!

bizXposure digital signage software is the fast and easy way to change your ads anytime, anywhere! You can also change where the ads play, pause them, adjust to market changes, and more!

Videos, images and other media can be used to create your ad. You can also use our ad editor to create a custom ad! Digital Signage Software screenshot It is simple to use and can be done on any device, including tablets and smart-phones.

Key features are:

  • Cost effective advertising
  • Real-time stats
  • Can be integrated with other services and software
  • Ad changes are easy and fast
  • Updates are instant

One of the favorite features is the ability to track ad performance or ad-reach.

Digital Signage Software Ad editing Our ad editing system has a library of preset images to use for your ad. We are adding new artwork all the time to create a better experience for you!

bizXposure is also building an advertising network nationwide and you can be part of it! You can change locations any time to target specific demographics and geographic areas.

If you have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or call 888-959-8213 to speak with a digital signage specialist.

Digital Signage Software on a tablet You can edit your ad anywhere with our digital signage software